Former teacher giving a voice to disabled children (part 1) 

Chris Ulmer, who worked for three years as a special education teacher in Florida, is the author of the Facebook page named Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK). This page enables disabled children to share their stories and what they want the world to know about their diagnosis.

After trying to tell the stories in a book, which was rejected by over 50 publishers, Chris began to film interviews with his students and post them on social media. He posts three or four interviews each week and funds his non-profit organisation through donations and by attending conferences as a speaker. Now, he receives thousands of requests daily from people around the world asking for themselves or someone close to them to be interviewed. He has more than one million followers and travels the world interviewing people of all ages inviting them to tell the world what is special about them.

Chris sees his interviewees as funny, engaging and charismatic, instead of disabled and limited. He regrets that other people dont’t really understand them, nobody seems to value them. He wanted to show off these individuals and help them show the world what they had to offer.



I am 24 years old student in Italian Philology. I love travel and know different cultures and people. I think life is too short to waste our time, and that we should to do everything to make our dreams come true.

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