Hair style

Nigerians are very spontaneous and uninhibited people. Part of their culture are daily dances, artistic performance and… of course hair styles! They do not feel ashamed of performing in public, it is something so natural for them.

What is more, they love waering eye-catching hair styles. Women and little girls alike change their hair comb every three days on average. Usually, stiff wires are used to give the hair the desired shape. Surprisingly, mothers find it very important that even 1-year-olds visit hair dressers regularly. They fo not consider that their daughers may feel uncomfortable with wires on their heads. When I was in Nigeria, I wanted to try on the popular hair style but unfortunately I took to this project too late. What a shame!



I am 24 years old student in Italian Philology. I love travel and know different cultures and people. I think life is too short to waste our time, and that we should to do everything to make our dreams come true.

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