Even small things can make you happy – that is what you can read on the faces of Nigerians. Most of them do not own much, but they cherish what little they have. In the picture, there is a little boy who carries water bags in a bowl on his head. In Nigeria, water is a very precious and scarce resource whereas Europeans often waste water and underestimate its importance. The boy has an important mission and he fulfils his obligation dutifully. In another picture, there are boys selling meet straight from a blanket on the ground. The seemed to be very proud of finding customer for their product that, unfortunately, may cause serious diseases. The meat is never checked by any competent person or institution because vendors simply cannot afford such tests. In the third picture, there is a shop with a “Fresh Food” logo. It is considered a rather exclusive shop because it has a roof and a fridge. Thus, its customers may feel a bit special. Having been among Nigerians for a couple of weeks, I have understood the power of the message that my grandma and mum kept telling me: “You should appreciate what you have because you could have much less”.



I am 24 years old student in Italian Philology. I love travel and know different cultures and people. I think life is too short to waste our time, and that we should to do everything to make our dreams come true.

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