Former teacher giving a voice to disabled children (part 1) 

Chris Ulmer, who worked for three years as a special education teacher in Florida, is the author of the Facebook page named Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK). This page enables disabled children to share their stories and what they want the world to know about their diagnosis.

After trying to tell the stories in a book, which was rejected by over 50 publishers, Chris began to film interviews with his students and post them on social media. He posts three or four interviews each week and funds his non-profit organisation through donations and by attending conferences as a speaker. Now, he receives thousands of requests daily from people around the world asking for themselves or someone close to them to be interviewed. He has more than one million followers and travels the world interviewing people of all ages inviting them to tell the world what is special about them.

Chris sees his interviewees as funny, engaging and charismatic, instead of disabled and limited. He regrets that other people dont’t really understand them, nobody seems to value them. He wanted to show off these individuals and help them show the world what they had to offer.


The importance of Cow

I was surprised to see many goats wandering around and entering buildings. Sometimes they are even allowed into inhabited houses. Some people even take their goats for a walk, just like we do with our dogs. Nobody seemed bothered by this fact. For many Nigerians the goat is the provider of both milk and meat. Therefore, goats are treated with respect. Addittionally, goats are a symbol of status and are used as dowry. Nigerians don’t eat goat meat on an everyday basis but only on special occassions like weddings, important anniversaries and family meetings.


Nigerian market

The Nigerian market is a really unusual place. The closer you get to the place, the louder are the voices that you hear around you. You can find there different types of products. There are children trying to sell small plastic bags of drinking water all around the market. It results from the fact that often people don’t have access to clean drinking water on the market. Sellers try to sell small film or plastic bags with only three eggs quite often, for many buyers an entire pallet is too much. Men sell meat that stays all day in the sun and therefore is not as fresh and of good quality as in the morning. Putting diverse types of goods together in one bag is the standard. Another interesting custom is haggling. It is welcome in the case of both local people and foreigners.

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Mass at the Saint Mulumba Catholic Church

During the time I spent in Nigeria I had the opportunity to attend Mass at the Saint Mulumba Catholic Church. This was an unforgettable experience. It struck me that Nigerians express their praise to God in a different way from the one I got used to in Poland. The congregants sing, dance and are way merrier than we usually are at Mass. They are generally more open, they exchange the sign of peace by shaking hands with one another readily, unlike many Poles seem to do. Still, despite that openness and cheerfulness, the dress code is strict: women have to cover their hair, and both men and women have to cover their shoulders and knees before entering the Church. Another interesting custom is collection. Churchgoers give the Church not only money, but also things and animals, like for instance hens, turkeys, domestic appliances, household accessories. During the Mass the donators hold a small board with the picture of the gift they are going to give the priest after the service. I was moved by the generosity of the congregants who, despite poor, support their Church with every offering affordable.


How can the problem of homelessness be solved?

The problem of homelessness needs more than one solution because it is very complex. First of all, people become homeless because they don’t have money. It usually results from the lack of a job. I think that people in financial troubles should be helped in their search for a job. Second, some homeless have mental disorders. Providing them with appropriate heathcare support may prevent them from mental problems and social deterioration. Last but not least, homeless people often feel incapacitated since they don’t have money and friendly support. I believe that the state should ensure accomodation on credit for them, so that they can pay back for the rent when they earn enough money. To sum up, there are three main ways to help resolve the problem of homelessness: providing support with finding a job, providing appropriate and timely healthcare and guaranteeing
affordable housing for the homeless.



The International Fashion Show is takes place in Logos every year. The event it is not directed to local people, many Nigerian people don’t have access to the event. Event not only brings together foreign buyers, consumers and the international media, but also is a good occasion for boosting Nigerian textile trade around the world.

One of the reason why Nigeria may cannot move forward is a big religion diversity. Violence between Muslims takes thousand of lifes every year. Kaduna, a city in north-western Nigeria, known for religious tension between Muslims and Christians was mentioned in the podcast. A woman, who lived there doesn’t want to go back, because she fill hates and fears to that place. It it all due to the fact that her husband was killed by Christian extremists during post election violence. At the moment woman lives in one room with her 6 children in the outskirts of the town. Unfortunately, none of them goes to school.


Nigerian crude oil

Nigeria it is a Federal Republic located in West Africa, officially it is a democratic secular country. Called by many “The Giant of West Africa”, it has the largest population among African countries. Nigeria ranks number seventh in the list of countries by population.

The country is among the top dozen producers of crude oil in the world. Most of Nigeria’s oil is located in one area – the Niger Delta, occupying the south – eastern part of the country. The economic and financial condition of Nigeria is almost completely dependent on his production. Oil it the main source of income for the government situated in Abudża. The crude oil sector is very important and works pretty well. Unfortunately, many others industrials sectors are unleashed.